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What Does One Tree Do?

One Tree at a Time is a not-for-profit dedicated to reducing the ski industry’s environmental impact. Using a green pledge system, consultancy and online courses to aid businesses in their sustainable objectives, One Tree offers a commitment to a better future for our mountains.

To educate and encourage the businesses we work with to consider their environmental impact, and ultimately take steps to dramatically reduce the ski industry’s carbon footprint. Our planet is at threat, and with it livelihoods, industries and ecosystems – we want to change that.

As it becomes increasingly clear that the clothing industry and its carbon intensive production is accelerating the climate crisis, we want to be a part of the solution. Winter gear is expensive and frequently only gets worn a handful of times, by keeping items in circulation we aren’t adding to the problem.

Trusted suppliers like Untrakt, Isobaa and The Boot Lab send us their damaged and ex display garments in need of a little renovation, and otherwise destined for landfill. We repair it and sell it on, ready for new adventures. Simple as that.

All the proceeds go towards our not-for-profit One Tree at a Time, and are vital to funding the work we do there. Not only are you supporting the transformation of an industry, you’re helping safeguard the natural environments we all love.

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