One of the biggest changes we can make as consumers is to choose brands and suppliers that uphold sustainable standards. We’ve compiled an ever growing list of affiliates that share our passion for the environment, so why not check them out and show your support?


Hard Bar started from a need for better energy. Headaches and sore teeth from a season of eating bars full of processed sugar wasn’t a sustainable way to go on.

Part of the reason for starting Hard Bar was to try to do ‘the right thing’

What that ‘right thing’ is isn’t always obvious or easy. We are learning about it every day. But overall we seek to have a positive impact on people’s lives, from the farmers who grow our ingredients, to the people eating our bars having adventures they love.

Ski Instruction

Each day I work on the mountain I am planting 100 trees in Africa, and over the entire season this will lead to the planting of a forest compiling of over 10,000 trees.

Clothing Brands

Behind the motivation for Isobaa was our love of nature – getting out to the hills and discovering pastures new. Keeping you warm, cool, and comfortable.

Made with recycled fabrics & single-use plastic bottles, we see no reason ski wear shouldn’t be as eco-conscious as possible.

Ski Wax

NZero waxes have been tested by ski professionals, guaranteeing a better glide and control of the material, extending its useful life and protecting it as if it were its first day of use.

100% vegetable waxes free of mineral oil, 0% paraffins and fluorates and 0% toxic fumes.


Your smile is really important to us, we don’t want you to sacrifice your teeth to save the planet, which is why we’ve worked hard to ensure that your new biodegradable toothcare products are better than your old plastic ones. We believe in keeping it simple, so we won’t be trying to dazzle you with fancy colours and useless gimmicks. Our dental care range follows current dental recommendations for proper oral hygiene.

We blend our unique ingredients of apple seed oil and organic apple extract with 100% natural botanicals so that each product is the best it can be, smells wonderful, has genuine therapeutic benefits and delivers real results for your skin and hair.

Looking after you this way, also means we look after the environment. So you won’t find anything Mother Nature wouldn’t approve of in any of our products; nothing harmful or unethical, our ingredients are 100% biodegradable, cruelty free and our packaging is 100% recyclable.


“The gin is fantastic: as crisp and pure as Mont Blanc air. But what really thrills me is that we’re doing what we said we’d do: making a wonderful product that’s also environmentally responsible. I couldn’t be more proud.” – James Abbott – Founder

Staff Uniform

We’re a sustainability-focused supplier where the UK’s leading businesses, charities and events get their custom clothing printed.

We make products from natural materials, using renewable energy, and every product we make is designed to come back to us when it’s worn out. We make new products from the material we recover. We produce custom-printed t-shirts, tops and sweats for brands, businesses and events that need workwear, uniforms, merch or retail stock made sustainably.