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“Millennials believe the success of a business should be measured in terms of more than just its financial performance, with a focus on improving society among the most important things it should seek to achieve.”

“Consumers are looking at products with greater scrutiny and prioritise those that are “healthy for me and healthy for the world.”

“Sustainable product sales have grown 20 percent since 2014. At the same time, conventional product sales have dropped.”

“Millennials report a greater willingness to pay more for products with ingredients that are sustainable, environmentally friendly, organic or natural, or socially responsible”

90 percent of millennials will shop with any company they perceive as making moves towards a “social purpose,” even if they don’t historically have that reputation. 


“In 2015, Nielsen polled 30,000 consumers in 60 countries around the world. They wanted to know more about what influences how people feel about brands, and how those feelings impact buying behavior.

One overwhelming conclusion of the report? That across the board, consumers are willing to pay extra for one thing: sustainability.”

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Gavin Fernie-Jones

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