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Ski Physio and Massage is a chartered physiotherapy service operating out of 7 resorts in the French Alps. They’ve been reducing waste, examining the sustainability of their products and educating staff and clients on the steps they’re… Read More

The Boot Lab is a custom fitting ski boot business that’s taking big steps to address their environmental impact by working towards a circular model. They’ve changed their products, services and… Read More

Untrakt produces high performance ski wear made from recycled fabrics, single-use plastic bottles, and excess waste from polyester manufacturing… Read More

Fish & Pips are an independent travel company specialising in food led experiences. They’ve been addressing all aspects of their business to reduce their environmental impact, from advocating train travel, reducing food waste… Read More

Vanoise Prestige is a small, independent, alpine transfer service which operates in and around the ski resorts of the Three Valleys. They’ve been taking small steps to reduce their impact, such as… Read More

Isobaa create comfortable, versatile products out of superfine merino and other natural fibres. Moisture wicking, odour resistant merino means fewer washes and a longer lasting garment that… Read More

Alptracks in an independent ski school based in France’s Three Valleys. They have been reducing their impact by only taking public transport to work, switching to sustainable uniform manufacturers… Read More

Mark Birch has lived and worked in the Alps for 20 winter seasons. He’s pledged to streamline his transport methods, re-purpose his ethically sourced and produced uniform, and use chemical… Read More

White Storm operates a ski rental service in Meribel, La Tania, Courchevel, Val d’Isere and Tignes. They’ve been changing products to go toxin free, limiting vehicle usage and reducing waste… Read More

Brands that are planting trees & doing good

The following brands either work with us through our tree planting program, which has no collectively planted over 80,000 trees, or they’re good friends and deserve a mention.

These brands are either committed to sequestering carbon or creating systematic change. They create plastic free products, deliver activities that encourage a love for the outdoors, provide circular shopping models, green the internet and represent the future of business. Go check them out, you won’t be disappointed.

Using cheap and disposable plastic razors contributes to the 8 million tonnes of plastic dumped into the oceans each year. In 2019 over 13 million people were using cartridge razors and over 5 million people used disposable razors. That’s a lot of plastic ending up in landfill and ultimately the ocean. Aphrodite Razors eco-friendly product are 100% plastic free and designed to last. Nothing gets wasted with their easily recyclable packaging and blades.

Take the plastic out of your shave

Earth Soul Yoga are first and foremost outdoor lovers, they created Earth Souls to share the beauty of the world, bring awareness to environmental issues and what we can do about it. Their #yogaforchange campaign is the backbone behind Earth Souls Yoga and it’s all about bringing together a community of like-minded people and creating a collective power for environmental change.

Learn more about #yogaforchange

The UK’s first rental marketplace for kids clothing. If we carry on our current path, by 2050, textiles production will use more than a quarter of the carbon budget for the current target of 2°C global warming. Our friend Charlotte, founder of The Little Loop, is taking on the challenge of reducing the footprint of children’s wardrobes through her subscription services. We love Charlotte’s passion but, more importantly her circular business model!

Let them be heroes. Rent their wardrobe.

The Outdoor Marketplace where you can buy & sell second-hand outdoor products whilst supporting environmental and social access initiatives. Putting an end to the traditional online model of corporate wealth, Bluebird Exchange is a marketplace with a difference. Not only can you buy and sell secondhand products, you can do so in the knowledge that your money will be invested in the climate change community!

Save your money and the planet

Dog leads made using up-cycled rope offcuts from sailing yachts and riggers. At LaLa Leads, preserving resources is the core ethos. Lara, founder pledges that any means of production she uses, will be as environmentally conscious as possible. To make her collars, leads and other accessories, she uses up-cycled rope that has been cast aside by the marine industry. This rope is designed for race yachts and other high-performance yachts. It’s hard wearing and long lasting nature, which makes it so useful for boats but, unfortunately makes this rope non-recyclable.  That’s where Lara steps in!

Leading the way to a better future

Making websites better and greener. Andy is the brains behind Sitegeist Web Services as well as an integral member of the One Tree team. His role is to research and teach us about the environmental impact of the internet. Then find the solutions needed to lessen our online impact. If you’d like an audit of your website Andy is available to help and can show you simple ways to improve your site.

Green your websites

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