Buy a Tee

One Tree at a Time is helping to change the practices of ski industry businesses to improve their environmental footprint. Through consultancy and the fostering of ideas and information we are helping businesses adapt, so we can begin to negate the detrimental effects of our industry in order to protect the environment we all love.

We understand that we’re not able to completely offset our impacts. So we’re also planting trees to help bring about bigger changes.

You can donate directly by planting a tree or by buying clothing from our One Tree at a Time store. Each time you buy a tee we plant 25 trees.

Each tree has the capability of locking away a ton of C02 over its lifetime. We’re planting in two locations, the first in the French Rhône-Alpes, and the second through Trees for the future, an organisation that plants trees in Africa. Giving communities the ability to transition from unsustainable farming.

Rapanui T-Shirt Printing

Clothing is a huge drain on the environment, but to counter this we use Rapanui and their Teemill platform to create all our products. They use organic cotton, a zero-waste policy, a wind-powered factory and have instigated a circular economy. This means that when you’re finished with your clothing it can be returned for re-manufacturing into new tees. We think that is awesome!