What is the solution to lowering the impact of your ski gear?

Rental. It’s maybe not the answering you were looking for but hear us out, there are a lot of advantages to renting ski gear. Here at One Tree at a Time we have been inundated with generous donations from the local community, all of which have gone in to stocking our Bozel shop. The quality has been fantastic and our amazing team of repair technicians have been able to work their magic… Read More

Circular Uniforms

Thanks to New Generation Ski & Snowboard School, we now have a fantastic range of North Face outerwear ready for a new life! The ski school has generously donated surplus Gore-Tex jackets and salopettes from their sponsors The North Face. Designed to keep you warm and dry in even the most extreme conditions, many of the items are either brand new or have only been worn a handful of times by visiting… Read More

Does the environmental impact of your company matter to you, your staff and your customers?

If the answer is yes then start talking to your suppliers! Fish & Pips signed up to our pledge system last winter. The focus for the first year was to create a baseline of waste. By weighing waste they now have a figure for food, plastic, recycled and non recycled waste created by each guest that stays in one of their catered chalet holidays. They used this figure throughout last winter to… Read More

One Tree – A New Zealand Perspective

The Alpine Club’s gear sale was a treasure trove of all things outdoorsy as usual this year. It’s a highlight of my calendar in Christchurch, where you can find anything from second hand climbing equipment, to ski gear, guidebooks and sweet deals from a couple of local retailers. This year’s haul for me was a set of DMM hexes for reviving my trad climbing and an illustrated book about alpine plants! There… Read More

Eco-Friendly Clothing for Every Adventure

Choosing eco-friendly clothing is one of the biggest and easiest ways to reduce your impact on the world, reduce your carbon footprint and live more sustainably. It’s no secret fast-fashion is devastating for our world. It is the most high profile example of our throw-away linear society. To put it into some digestible numbers the Ellen MacArthur Foundation reports that global clothing production has doubled in the past 15 years, plus on average garments are being worn… Read More

This is What Really Happens to Your Online Shopping Returns

Have you ever bought something online and thought – ‘Oh well, I can just send it back if I don’t like it?’ Or even ordered clothes in multiple sizes to try on at home and return the items you don’t want? You’re not alone, in fact, 51% of shoppers admit to overbuying items with the intention of returning unwanted garments. It’s so common, it has even coined its own phrase ‘bracketing’. Bracketing… Read More

No Fix It event would be Complete Without Gina!

Always wanted to repair your own clothing but don’t know where to start? Lucky for us, One Tree seamstress Gina has made us some videos outlining basic repair techniques: wool darning; a trouser patch; and repairing an inside seam. And it wouldn’t be #VirtualFixIt without Gina! Without her help, the first Fix It events would never have taken off. She repaired over 125kg of clothing, resulting in a saving of 2,900kg of emissions by… Read More

The Eco-Taxes Set to Reshape the Economy (and your ski holiday)

Things have changed a little since we last spoke. You’ve probably heard me banging the drum for making small changes on the Clean Mountain Living Podcast. Well, our whole lives have been turned upside down. I don’t know one single person whose life hasn’t dramatically changed in 2020. The future is more unknown than we’ve seen in recent history. International travel has ground to a halt, millions of businesses have shut across… Read More

Lockdown Litter Pick Challenge

Welcome to the Lockdown Litter Pick Challenge. It’s simple. During your daily exercise, take a pair of gloves and a bin bag to collect as much litter as possible. Tag @Onetree_at_a_time and #LockdownLitterPick to share your efforts on Instagram and challenge your friends to do the next one! The goal is simple, seeing as we can’t go more than 1km from our homes we’re taking the initiative to make a positive impact in our… Read More

Green tech tips for #lockdownlife

My wife and I were talking over dinner last night, marveling at what is possible while “trapped” at home. “Even without a five year old, we’d find it hard to get bored”. We are 8 days into self isolation in France and as a family we are settling into some sort of rhythm. Home schooling, short dog walks, Netflix, online drawing courses, Youtube PE lessons with 800k participants, checking in with friends… Read More