Going green while inspiring others and saving money

In a minute I’m going to ask you a question. But first I want you to think about the last consciously bad environmental decision you made. For me it was, driving to the pharmacy to get hay-fever medication. I could have easily walked but I was feeling pretty fed up with nature. Mainly due to my perpetually leaking face. As a regular springtime allergy sufferer, the idea of adding more plants, more… Read More

Greening our Website

Until recently I hadn’t given much thought to how much of an environmental impact a website could have.  As a web designer I try to build sites that look good across a range of screen and device sizes, load quickly and are easy to find on search engines.  Add things like user experience, visitor conversions and bounce rates and the list of things to consider for a website starts getting quite long. … Read More

Carbon Negativity

Directly or indirectly, whether we like it or not, every aspect of human life has an impact on our planet. While it’s essential that we all take steps to reduce our emissions, how do we neutralise those that are out of our control, or greenhouse gasses that are already in the atmosphere? Carbon offsetting plays a vital role in compensating for emissions by funding carbon dioxide reducing measures elsewhere. This can range… Read More

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: a three word maxim for the conscious consumer. But while these guidelines seem to have been relegated to how we dispose of our household waste, moving towards circular systems in more aspects of our everyday life could have a number of positive environmental benefits. Circular Products The continuing disruption of the Earth’s natural cycles calls for a more sustainable way of operating, and rethinking the linear systems that dominate… Read More

The “Fix It” Tour 2019

125kg of clothing repaired – resulting in a saving of 2,900kg of emissions 57,302 trees planted 700kg of kit swapped and given new life – that swapped ski gear has saved an estimated 16.28 tons of carbon emissions. The “Fix It” events have gone down a storm. Big thanks to all those involved, and an extra big thanks to Gina for all the repairs. We’ve been on tour to Courchevel, Méribel and… Read More

Tree Planting

We’ve been fundraising through our “Fix It” events in Courchevel, Meribel and Morzine. By keeping ski gear out of landfill through our repair station and running “Bring and Buy” rails of donated clothing, we’ve been able to raise funds that have been used to plant trees. We’ve started off in two locations, the first here in the French Rhône-Alpes through our company portal at MyTree, and the second through Trees for the future,… Read More

Our Story So Far.

One Tree at a Time is an eco collective operating across the French Alps, set up to encourage independent ski resort businesses to make small adjustments to the way they operate, in order to reduce their environmental impact. After realising that we could bring about big changes at our own store, The Boot Lab, we wanted to encourage others to follow our lead. Through consultancy and the fostering of ideas and information… Read More