Circular Uniforms

Thanks to New Generation Ski & Snowboard School, we now have a fantastic range of North Face outerwear ready for a new life!

The ski school has generously donated surplus Gore-Tex jackets and salopettes from their sponsors The North Face. Designed to keep you warm and dry in even the most extreme conditions, many of the items are either brand new or have only been worn a handful of times by visiting instructors in peak weeks.

The items that needed repairing have been fixed up by our team of local seamstresses. They’ve replaced zippers, seam-sealed the Gore-Tex to ensure they are still waterproof and the New Gen logo has been covered so you won’t get mistaken for an instructor on the mountain (unless your skiing does that already). 


‘Being environmentally responsible with our kit has always been important to us. In the past we’ve donated used uniforms to refugees in Calais and in Lake Annecy. However, we had a large number of excess uniforms that were never worn, but were out of date. We knew we didn’t want them to go into the landfill and were searching for an alternative solution. Which is where One Tree came in. It’s great to know our extra uniforms are no longer going to sit in storage but get a new life with new owners thanks to the team at One Tree.’

Hannah, New Generation Ski & Snowboard School.

The donations mark a new era for mountain businesses. Like One Tree, New Gen knows that in order to protect our mountains changes need to be made. Textile manufacturing is responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions, and by 2040 we’ll have made an extra 500 billion items of clothing. This is only compounded by the fact that the majority of people only wear their ski clothing maybe once a year, before replacing the item. The high quality garments donated by New Gen don’t deserve a life in landfill, and with an affordable price tag what’s not to love?

This all ties in to One Tree’s circular focus, meaning we place value on all materials. So, not only have we created patches from jackets that couldn’t be salvaged, but we’ve also partnered with packaging company RePack to eliminate unnecessary carbon costs from our shipments. RePack use durable, recycled materials to create reusable packaging, designed to fold into a letter size shape and returned from anywhere in the world. The packaging is then cleaned and redistributed, reducing carbon emissions by 80% and waste by 100%.

All the money from these sales goes towards our One Tree Shop, and back into our community. This is a new venture for One Tree, and has quickly become the hub of our operation. The space holds repurposing workshops, bike repair classes and a host of community led, educational events.

You can check out the new range from New Gen over at the One Tree Shop.