Climb it, climb it and climb it, a bit more….. for climate

A major study published this week revealed that there is a 40% chance of the world temperature increasing by 1.5 degrees in a single year before 2025, making the target of no more than a 2 degree rise by 2050 as outlined in the Paris agreement look somewhat unlikely. The BBC article goes on to explain that: “projections suggest that even with recent pledges to cut emissions of greenhouse gases, the world is on course to heat up by up to 3C”. With the climate emergency getting ever more urgent it’s critical that we continue to raise awareness of this issue and keep the conversation top of mind.
Here at One Tree we believe in the power of community. And that by coming together and sharing ideas we’ll evoke change in a positive way. It’s this thinking which is behind Climb It for Climate – One Tree’s regular community event which encourages people to get out in their local area and walk, whilst raising awareness for how climate change is effecting our mountains.
The next Climb it for Climate event is taking place on Saturday 5th June, with climbs expected to take place in the Three Valleys, and Morzine.
While most walkers take a more leisurely approach, one supporter is stepping it up a notch. Three Valleys resident and co-owner of Alps based cycle business Alp Cycles, Shelley Hill is aiming to walk 100km while climbing a staggering 7,050m within 24hrs. While undertaking this challenge Shelley hopes to raise awareness of the climate crisis while also raising money for mental health charity Mind, in recognition of the mental health challenges so many of her friends, family and acquaintances have experienced, and the positive impact exercise, talking with others and enjoying the outdoors has had on her own mental health. While training for this challenge Shelley has relied on the support of friends and family joining her on hikes, further aligning with the ethos of Climb It for Climate, recognising the power of community.
Want to get involved?
If you’d like to join us for the upcoming event all you need to do is get out and walk (or climb) on Saturday 5th June. If your local Covid guidelines allow then rope in some friends and family to join you and be sure to tag us on your posts @onetreeatatime and include the hashtag #ClimbItForClimate.
You can also share and record your route through the Komoot app. Komoot is a great tool for route finding and we have our very own One Tree section for recording our collective efforts.
And if you’d like to support Shelley’s challenge, you can donate here.
Wishing you the best of luck Shelley – we’ll all be routing for you!