Clothing Brand Green Pledge

Greenhouse Gas Reduction

  • Low carbon transportation of goods 
  • Encourage or subsidise Staff travel to work using public transport 
  • Reduce energy use in clothing production 
  • Reduce office energy usage
  • Offset Carbon through planting 10,000 trees 
  • Offset Carbon through planting 20,000 trees 
  • Offset Carbon through planting 30,000 trees 
  • Change website to a server that uses green energy 

Plastic and Waste Reduction

  • Remove plastic from the distribution line 
  • Reduce Packaging 
  • Create a circular product (deal with the product when it is finished with) 
  • Recycling – provide recycling facilities for staff and customers 
  • Repair and reuse warrantied clothing
  • Take part in the “Fix It” tour

Sustainability and Education

  • Products made from recycled materials
  • Reduce water usage in production
  • Reduce chemical usage in production
  • Use factories where the working conditions are traceable and ethical
  • Recyclable products
  • Staff Training and environmental officer
  • Animal products to be from an ethical source
  • Staff environmental champion
  • Display environmental “One Tree” green pledge on your website