The “Citizen of Winter” Festival

The Citizen of Winter Festival is a brand new online festival for One Tree at a Time. Featuring a full programme of speakers, panel discussions and ideas, the festival has been designed to encourage individuals in furthering their environmental commitments. As citizens of winter we recognise that a trip to..Read More

The 1st “Climb It for Climate” event

Climb It for Climate is a campaign that aims to bring together local communities and raise awareness for climate change. The premise is simple: get up and out into nature and have our voices heard. We’ve seen how significantly climate change is affecting the Alps. Glaciers are melting at an..Read More

Business Pledge System Launched

Our One Tree Green Pledge system helps businesses measure and reduce their impact. Through consultation and collaboration we work with our partners to develop systems, before awarding a pledge grade at the end of the year, recognising their level of achievement. Each industry specific pledge is thorough with demanding standards,..Read More

Opened the first One Tree Community Hub

The community hub opened in Bozel. We run “Fix It” workshops for adults and children which aim to cultivate the arts of repairing. The teenagers class is our favourite as they’re so engaged and busy creating incredible items. We also run environmental policy creation workshops as an extension of our..Read More

The original “Fix It” Tour

This is where our story began. We wanted to create an event that brought together the community, promoted the reuse and repurposing of clothing, and planted trees along the way. So we started “Fix It” with the help of some friends. Local seamstress Gina turned up armed with her sewing..Read More