The 1st “Climb It for Climate” event

Climb It for Climate is a campaign that aims to bring together local communities and raise awareness for climate change. The premise is simple: get up and out into nature and have our voices heard. We’ve seen how significantly climate change is affecting the Alps. Glaciers are melting at an alarming rate, snow is almost always followed by rain and the spring seems to start earlier and earlier each year. Everyone has seen their own environments change as a result of global heating, whether they are in the mountains or not. Which is why we’ve supported Climb It for Climate events across the globe – from Niseko to the Peak District. Over the 19/20 season we collectively climbed over 75,000m in altitude – touring, cycling, walking and running. Over 300 people joined our events, and before the pandemic hit events were scheduled in 8 countries. Climate change can’t be fought alone, as a grassroots organisation we need the engagement of our local communities to amplify our message. We have to stop climate change destroying the natural environments our businesses, and our communities.

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