The “Citizen of Winter” Festival

The Citizen of Winter Festival is a brand new online festival for One Tree at a Time. Featuring a full programme of speakers, panel discussions and ideas, the festival has been designed to encourage individuals in furthering their environmental commitments. As citizens of winter we recognise that a trip to snow-capped mountains is always a treat and something that needs protecting. Our mountain environments are changing at an exponential pace, temperatures are rising, glaciers are melting, seasons shifting and resorts vanishing. As our minds focus more and more on the climate crisis, we can no longer hide from the impact that our adventures are having on the environment. Co-hosted by Bluebird Snow Exchange and Montagne Vert, the four day Citizen of Winter Festival provides practical solutions for those looking to improve their environmental impact in the context of mountain sports. We’re sharing practical solutions to reduce impact, workshops to help fix kit, information about organisations demanding change and discussions with leading figures in the industry about their journey to a greener life. We want to fill participants with hope, convince them to join our community in the fight against climate change, and showcase a collective of hard working, dedicated people that see a different future. Finally, we’re asking participants if they want to become a Citizen of Winter. Alongside Montagne Vert, we’ve developed a pledge for individuals to support them on their sustainable journey. The climate crisis will be only slowed through a combination of behavioural and systemic change, and we believe that we can accelerate fundamental change in the industry through the pledge. All the content is available at so don’t worry if you’re late to the party!

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