Reduce your impact without compromising on quality.

Ex-warranty ski, snowboard and outdoor apparel from our partners Isobaa, Untrakt, Fjern and The Boot Lab. Second hand, eco-friendly gear from mountain lovers.

The Problem

After we held a sale for donated second hand outdoor gear we realised that the outdoor apparel industry had a huge problem. Too much gear wasn’t being worn and too many items were either unused or finding their way into landfill.

The Solution – Second hand Eco-Friendly Ski Gear

We’re partnered with brands to provide a solution for their ex sample and warranty gear. We repair and sell the gear putting the proceeds towards One Tree at a Time, a not-for-profit eco-consultancy based in the French Alps. In addition we take donations of used kit from our mountain community and make them ready for a second life

Visit the one tree store (virtually)

Visit the one tree store (virtually)

How Does It Work?

Step One

Step Two

Step Three

Now in store

Eco-Friendly Ski Gear & Outdoor Clothing

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Our founding partners

Isobaa – Versatile Merino Wool Garments

Isobaa creates functional, durable clothing for active lifestyles, using responsibly-sourced merino that naturally regulates temperature, wicks moisture and resists odour.

About Isobaa

Untrakt – Eco conscious, big mountain apparel

Untrakt are at the forefront of environmentally mindful ski wear, creating recyclable and recycled products that don’t sacrifice on performance

About Untrakt

The Boot Lab – Leading the way for an environmentally conscious ski industry

This ski boot shop in the French Alps paved the way for sustainable reform, proving that no business is too small to make a difference.

About The Boot Lab

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