How to Run a Climb It for Climate

What is Climb It for Climate?

Climb It for Climate is about raising awareness for climate change, plus a sneaky opportunity to get into the great outdoors.

Climate change is more evident in the mountains than anywhere else. The glaciers are melting, seasons are changing, it rains when it should be snowing. The world is changing in front of our eyes, too quickly, and we don’t like it.

One rainy Saturday, One Tree at a Time founder, Gavin and his friend Martin set off into the mountains to raise more awareness for the problems we face. (And to avoid work by disappearing into nature).

Their wet December ski tour from 800m to 1850m could not have been more poignant as rain replaced what should have been snow. The response from the outdoor community was overwhelmingly sparking a new movement, Climb It for Climate. Now it’s become far more than two buddies trying to avoid the real world, it’s being supported worldwide from The Three Valleys, to the Peak District, to Niseko. Friends and family across the globe are joining to show their support for action on climate change.

We’re all rising up out of the valleys by any means possible, of course, skiing is the most awesome way to travel through snowy mountains but Climb It for Climate is for the world, not just skiers. Whether you go walking, biking, ski touring or climbing it really doesn’t matter.

If you want to set up your own Climb It for Climate in your community then keep reading. We’ll go through all the steps to think about to be successful.

How to run your own Climb It for Climate event?

Step 1: Choose your discipline

Choosing the ‘how’ of your event may very well depend on your surrounding environment and participants. The first events generally revolved around ski touring because the One Tree team were surrounded by glorious snowy mountains. So we picked ski touring/snowshoeing for the event.

As Climb It spread globally, we’ve seen hiking and biking join the list of climbing disciplines. There have even been whispers of Climb It indoors using a staircase…

Here’s some ideas of Climb It disciplines for you to choose from:

  • Hiking
  • Cycling
  • Ski Touring & Snowshoeing
  • Climbing
  • Paddling (upstream)
  • Staircases (Skyscrapers have been climbed)
  • Running

There’s only one rule really, to conquer something using only your own human power!

Step 2: Time and Location

It’s important to pick a time and location to make the event open to as many people as possible. As we run a monthly Climb It in Courchevel, we try to mix up the day and time to give more people an opportunity to join. Consider whether weekend or weekdays are more suitable plus early morning, midday or evening?

For example, we know many people living in ski resorts won’t be able to climb early on a Saturday morning – change over day won’t shift, not even for Climb It. So we often add a mid-week event in the middle of the day to suit the chalet workers.

Pick an easy to access, well known, location for your start point too. It will cut down on admin, maps, and phone calls, making it easy for everyone to find the start on time.

Step 3: Route Planning & Safety

It is likely that you will assemble quite a large group, especially if you run a regular event. Please take into consideration the safety of your group and the general public.

Try to stick to quieter trails and routes to avoid disruption. For example, avoid ski touring up busy pistes in numbers, instead use designated ski touring routes. The same sort of considerations should be taken into account for cycling on roads, running and hiking routes.

During the climb it is important to ensure everyone is healthy and safe. Everyone will be travelling at their own speeds. Perhaps appoint a climb leader in the group, someone who is likely to be at the front and leading the way anyway.

As the organizer it may also be helpful to keep an eye on everyone particularly those at the back keeping a slower pace. Don’t be afraid to slow the group down and wait for people to catch up. After all this is a social event and we want everyone to be happy and safe.

Step 4: Promote Your Event

One of the most rewarding aspects of Climb It for Climate is the social element. Getting people outdoors, enjoying nature, discussing climate change and raising awareness. So it’s important to promote your event otherwise you might end up with just you and your mate climbing sorrowfully in the rain…

Here’s a few ideas for promoting your event:

  • Facebook event – invite everyone plus it helps you set a defined date, time, location and contact participants.
  • Local community Facebook groups and forums – Post your event to let everyone in the local area know about the event.
  • Canvas businesses – Local businesses are a great place to spread your message. Companies often look for causes to attach themselves to and they can encourage staff and customers to join.
  • Let One Tree know – Don’t forget to send us your event details so we can help you promote and we can send you materials like logos and badges to attach to your event.
  • Make a banner – Check out these banners made by climbers to wave proudly on the climb.

So, if you want to help fight climate change start climbing, take a photo, add the hashtag #climbitforclimate and tell us your story.

You can also add the Facebook frame Climb It for Climate to your profile picture to raise awareness of your movement, and please share this post far and wide if you’d like to others to start a Climb It event!