“For reasons scientists don’t  fully understand, the alps are warming faster than the global average”



What's going on?

The Alps are warming faster than the global average, and the average snow season has shortened by 38 days since 1960.

Temperatures in The Alps are estimated to have risen about 2 degrees Celsius since the Industrial Revolution, compared to 1 degree elsewhere. Even if average temperatures could be limited to 2 degrees globally — the temperature rise after which scientists estimate global catastrophe hits — that would translate to a more than 3.4 degree rise in the Alps.

We want the industry to take notice of what we’re doing, and realise that environmentally led businesses and communities are the future. Join us with a monthly donation to lend your voice, support our events and plant trees. 

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One Tree at a Time is a non-profit dedicated to reducing climate change through system change and tree planting. 

One Tree strives to make the ski industry more sustainable by supporting businesses and individuals to bring about positive change, as we believe these companies and individuals have a responsibility to tackle their environmental impact. We help them achieve this through the implementation of solutions that provide a pathway to transforming their operations and lives. 

We recognise the power we have as individuals to effect change. Small changes made by an individual might seem insignificant at first glance, but we’re creating a community. One Tree connects people who use their knowledge and experience to generate ideas and identify solutions that reduce our environmental impact. 

To date, we have removed over 10,000 single-use plastic bags from supply lines, kept thousands of garments out of landfill and greatly reduced carbon outputs through re-use and reduction programmes. These activities offer sustainable solutions and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels which is necessary to avert climate change.

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 The Team at One Tree

“Inspirational group of people and businesses bringing about real change to the ski industry and beyond!” Sara