Andy Davies
Developing One Tree's Digital Infrastructure

I am a self-taught, jack of all trades, or an autodidact, polymath if you prefer. 

I’m a family man who moved to the mountains with his wife to escape the rat race of the corporate sector and enjoy a different pace of life. Buying a chalet company was the catalyst for us to change the way we live and view the world. Six years ago our son was born and our world view changed again.  

I love the sense of community here, whether that is in our small alpine village or the ski industry as a whole. We generally look out for each other and we’re a practical, motivated, hardworking lot. We’re connected to nature in a way that people who live in towns and cities often aren’t. 

The weather and seasons play a huge role in our lives whether for work or play. We can see the change happening to the climate and it affects us on a personal and community level.    

What motivates you?

On a philosophical level, feeling like I am doing the right thing is an important part of my motivation. I can see the changes in the mountains every year and I know that we can all do more.

I know that the greater the number of people acting, the more momentum we build and the more people we motivate to make a change. We can make things change from the bottom up, as well as the top down.

What is the change you want to see in the world?

A slower, fairer, more considered way of life. Less consumption and more quality in everything we consume. Putting quality of life, every life ahead of profit and growth.  

What habits have you changed?

Quite a lot, but the change has been gradual.

Most of my clothing is now either, organic and fair-trade and/or second hand. My first consideration when making a purchase is now ethical rather than on price.

As a family we eat meat about once a month and have massively reduced our dairy consumption. Our weekly shop has more bio, organic and fair trade labels than ever before.

We drive as little as possible and have as small and economical car as we can manage with. We’ve invested in a camper van to reduce our reliance on flights for holidays.

Why are you a part of One Tree?

Gav made me do it!

I’m part of One Tree because I think we have the opportunity to make positive change in our community and beyond. I believe in the power of motivated, capable and talented people to be more than the sum of their parts.

I want my son to have the opportunity to work and play in the mountains (if he wants to!) in the same way as previous generations have.  

What are your experiences/qualifications relevant to your involvement?

I’ve got a range of work experience across a number of sectors from big four accountants to global shipping firms. 

I’ve run my own businesses and maintained high levels of service and customer satisfaction. 

I hand code websites to be as lean, green and stylish as possible. I understand that our online presence can be more green and how to do it.

I can speak in front of crowds.

I can bend Gav to my will where needed.

I have the best mountain beard at One Tree.