Clare Truphet

I have lived and worked in these beautiful mountains for the last 15 years and have been the Operations Manager for a local chalet (Fish & Pips) company since 2010.

I am first and foremost a practical problem solver, I like to get stuff done and find workable and sustainable solutions to challenges faced by businesses and organisations.  Having faced various challenges when looking at how our business can reduce its impact on the environment we started looking for like minded organisations to partner with. When Gav first launched One Tree at a Time I was keen to get involved and immediately signed our business up to the One Tree Pledge.  Now I hope to bring operational and logistical experience to a few projects that are in the pipeline, making things happen is what I do best and I’m thrilled to be part of the team.

What motivates you?

I am motivated by a love of the outdoors, the playground that I am fortunate enough to call my home, motivated mostly by the need to preserve it for future generations.  I truly believe that travel and the outdoors is so beneficial for everyone and I love seeing others discover the wonders of the Alps at all ages. Ensuring that travel can be as sustainable as possible and have a positive impact on the natural world is a huge motivator for me and the more we can involve the local communities that depend on the industry the bigger the impact we can have.

What is the change you want to see in the world?

I want to see the protection and restoration of the environment take centre stage in designing the economies of the future.  Measuring success and growth in financial terms alone is not enough and future generations will demand more. We have an opportunity to change mindsets, design new systems that measure growth, success and happiness in terms of more than just Euros in the bank

What habits have you changed?

I have made changes to how and where I shop – for food, clothes, furniture – well everything really.  Asking questions before I buy anything – do I need it? How was it made? What happens to it when it no longer serves me? Can I buy this second hand? Living between two countries means that I don’t tend to accumulate “stuff” but I definitely think before I buy now more than ever before.  Being an enthusiastic cook I have come to appreciate the value (in every sense of the word) of local, seasonal, sustainably produced ingredients – next step is to find a home with a bigger garden to follow in Gav’s “foodsteps”.