Eliot Prince
Undergraduate in journalism and professional content writer

I’ve noticed environmental problems in the ski industry but until seeing events like ‘Fix It’ I’d always felt powerless.

One Tree opened my eyes to taking action and living differently.

Creating change often comes down to simple education. My work as a freelance copywriter coupled with experience in the ski industry enables me to help spread the One Tree message.

What motivates you?

The big motivation is the benefits of living more sustainably. I want the world to see that changing your life doesn’t have to be a ‘sacrifice’. Rather, it is better, healthier and more freeing for everyone.

What is the change you want to see in the world?

For people to start loving what they’ve got (I don’t mean flabby love handles). Instead of buying new clothes or stuff you don’t need, I want the world to cherish and enjoy the items already in their possession.

What habits have you changed?

It’s not about habits I’ve changed, it’s about mindset. Do I need this? Is there a better way? I guess the overall habit I’ve changed is how I ‘consume’ – from food to clothing to travel.

As much as I enjoy eating fast food at the airport with 3 pairs of sunglasses in my bag, life is no less enjoyable eating a homemade sandwich, on a train in my favourite 8-year-old hoodie. Especially knowing it’s all costing 1/4 of the price and reducing waste.