Millie Charrington
Communications & Community Events Fundraiser

Like many people in the mountains, one season was all I had planned.

After graduating uni I got a job in Courchevel and quickly fell in love with the place. Skiing, touring and hiking in my time off, I knew it would be hard to leave somewhere that had the best work/life balance I’d ever experienced! One season turned into six, and while I don’t live in the mountains anymore they will always be home.

When Gav started One Tree I knew it was something I had to be involved in. The changes I’ve seen during my six winters are striking. Unpredictable weather; snow followed by 2 days of rain; warmer, earlier Springs and thin snow cover. While we all want great riding conditions all winter, this isn’t about skiing. This is about the ecosystems and livelihoods that depend on the mountains. I want to protect them.

My degree in English Literature and general obsession for good grammar got me involved on the communications side, which organically grew into writing material and then organising community events. I have written grant applications, organised our Virtual Fix It festival and contribute towards writing content and website copy.

What motivates you?

Climate change can’t be stopped by one person. We are billions of people living on one planet, and by working together we can have a real impact. The sharing of ideas and projects helps us work as communities, inspiring others to make changes that can have a positive impact. The climate crisis will be slowed by systemic and behavioural change, so we need to make individual choices that in turn affect wider systems. I want to be part of that change.

What is the change you want to see in the world?

More environmental policies that work on an ecological, economic and social level. There is a future where more businesses are impact driven, communities are galvanised to deliver change, circular models create worth out of waste and ultimately, society and the planet benefits.

What habits have you changed?

Putting my money where my mouth is! We have immense power as consumers, so I try to only buy from sustainable companies that have stringent ethical and green standards (or I buy second hand). It’s really made me think about how I spend my money, as often these companies’ products are more expensive so I have to be much more thoughtful about if and why I need something. Surprisingly I’ve saved money as a result!