Now You Can Plant Trees While You Ski

If you’re anything like me, you love tree skiing. Finding a quiet spot away from the busy slopes. A personal space on the mountain surrounded by the silence of evergreen trees. Each fresh turn you take feels like a secret between you, the onlooking trees and the mountain.

Trees are much more than my self-indulgent sanctuary though, they are a root to a better life for every one of us. (Pun intended). They sequester carbon, produce oxygen, clean air and water and benefit wildlife. Did you know, in a year 1 acre of trees absorbs the amount of CO2 produced by a car driven 26,000 miles. And one large tree provides a day’s oxygen supply for up to four people.

One Tree At A Time’s recommended companies now plant trees on every step of a ski holiday. From the instant of booking to ski resort transfers. While you’re tucked up toastie in your chalet and even when you’re out skiing. Trees are being planted.

Planting trees while skiing, how?

White Storm Ski Rental has pledged to boost its efforts in positive environmental changes including recycling, repairing, and planting trees. The ski hire company serves hundreds of customers a week across their 3 shops in Courchevel, Le Praz and Meribel plus its ski rental delivery service.

This gives the White Storm team a unique wide-reaching opportunity to affect change both in their operations and to thousands of skiers over the winter. Skiers and snowboarders can now hire equipment with White Storm and plant trees with every rental. Every day you’re out skiing on their kit, you’ll be planting trees.

Using the promo code ONE TREE will automatically send 10% of your order to planting trees and you’ll gain a 35% – 45% discount.

On average that will mean 150 trees planted for every order.

Planting trees, saving money and skiing, could it get better?

Well, yes. If you need ski lessons, Rob Watson at Alp Tracks is offsetting some of his carbon footprint by planting trees every day he is on the slopes.

What else is changing at White Storm?

I discussed ski wax in a previous article and moving to an eco-friendly ski wax is one of the easiest things we can all do for positive environmental change. White Storm has pledged to change its wax so the hundreds of skis tuned in the workshop every week will be coming out that little bit greener.

The team are also working to measure and reduce vehicle usage so your gear arrives in the most efficient manner possible.

“I thought it [One Tree At A Time] was a great idea. I’ve always thought we should be doing more for the environment and this should be a great way to improve. Reducing single use plastic, reducing overall vehicle usage, reducing landfill are all things we are looking at.” explains owner Simon Hooper.

With a huge amount of equipment being used every season, recycling and repairing is already a focus for the ski rental company.

“We try to do what we can to improve the longevity of our equipment. We fix as much as possible and strip what we cannot. The stripped parts can either be recycled or we can reuse them to give life back to equipment that would otherwise be discarded.” discusses operations manager Jon Tait.

“It’s definitely worth the extra effort for both the environment and those who reap the rewards of using the repaired kit.” 

So, if you’re heading to Courchevel, Le Praz or Meribel this winter then why not use White Storm for your ski rental? You’ll be supporting a company that has pledged to change the way they operate and if you use the ONE TREE code on their website, then they’ll plant 150 trees on average on your behalf. All for a discounted price of between 35-45%, what’s not to like?