One Tree at a Time, 57,302 Trees Planted – Our Story

We provide a model for businesses in the ski industry to change the way they operate, through the cultivation and sharing of ideas. We provide solutions that help businesses reduce their impact, from simply changing packaging to full audits of their operations with an environmental focus in mind. Whilst supporting this change we are also committed to helping offset carbon emissions by planting a million trees.

“One Tree at a Time” started with The Boot Lab, after seeing the changes we could kickstart at our own store.

After growing frustrated with the impact the ski industry has on the environment, we pledged to change areas of the business that could adapt to reduce our environmental impact.

We put pressure on our suppliers to remove plastic packaging, switched to using a green energy server for our website and dramatically reduced our energy usage. We hosted a hugely successful ‘Fix It’ tour to promote conscious consumerism, and raised enough money to plant over 50,000 trees.

We want to encourage others to follow our lead. By coming together as a community and adapting our businesses, we can try to negate the detrimental effects of our industry in order to protect the environment we all love. The Alps is teeming with small innovative businesses, and we’re working with these to encourage them to consider their impact on the environment. It’s a huge task, but by breaking down the way each business operates into small chunks, one tree at a time, and working as a collective we can truly have an effect.

Our team is compiled of hugely driven, highly qualified individuals with a wide range of skills. We know the industry inside and out, and are dedicated to changing it for the better.

To have the biggest effect possible we need your help. Whether you’re a business or an individual there is a part for you to play. So please get in touch and help us bring about change.

Gavin Fernie-Jones, Founder

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