Changing behaviours. Building community. Protecting mountain environments.

One Tree strives to make the alpine industry more sustainable by supporting businesses and individuals to bring about positive change, as we believe these companies and individuals have a responsibility to tackle their environmental impact. We help them achieve this through the implementation of solutions that provide a pathway to transforming their operations and lives. 

Reduce your individual and business impact to help protect the mountains you love.

  • Achieve positive change for your business through our pledge system
  • Live more sustainably with support and resources to help you along the way
  • Join events and campaigns aiming to engage and inspire communities

We recognise the power we have as individuals to effect change. Small changes made by an individual might seem insignificant at first glance, but we’re creating a community. One Tree connects people who use their knowledge and experience to generate ideas and identify solutions that reduce our environmental impact. 

To date, we have removed over 10,000 single-use plastic bags from supply lines, kept thousands of garments out of landfill and greatly reduced carbon outputs through re-use and reduction programmes. These activities offer sustainable solutions and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels which is necessary to avert climate change.

Our Story

One Tree at a Time began with retailer The Boot Lab, a ski boot-fitting shop in Courchevel. After seeing the changes they could make within his own store; lobbying suppliers to remove single use plastic and reducing energy, owner Gavin Fernie-Jones knew there was more that could be done within the wider community to address the problem. In March 2019 the first ‘Fix It’ event was held. Donated clothing for sale, a local seamstress fixing garments and ski servicing using environmentally friendly wax were all on offer in the streets of Courchevel Moriond. The event was such a success that two further Fix It days were held in the resorts of Meribel and Morzine. All proceeds from the days went towards tree planting initiatives in the Rhone Alpes and Africa, raising enough money to plant over 57,000 trees.

As well as community projects like the Fix It Tour, One Tree at a Time works with local businesses to change areas of their operations to those that are more sustainable and environmentally conscious. 

We created a pledge system to support businesses in their environmental efforts using the help of those qualified in this area: Sam Mackenzie with a Masters in Environmental Studies, Dan Jones with a Masters in Sustainable Environmental management and Niccolò Primo, a renewable energy engineer. Companies complete the pledge that has been tailored towards their sector, which scrutinises their current environmental credentials and highlights areas of improvement.

The system has been designed for chalet companies, ski instructors, outdoor brands and ski shops. Each pledge is thorough and sets the highest standard for the participating business, and every year we’ll re-evaluate their operation and continue to set harder targets.

The pledge is broken down into five key principles: 

Measurement and Disclosure: Helping businesses implement systems to measure waste, water, energy and emissions

Reduction: Examining the areas where change is necessary and reducing resource usage

Education: Inspiring others through the education of staff and customers on their environmental impact and climate strategy

Sustainability: Considering each business’s overall effect on the environment and making sustainable adjustments across the board 

Offset: Investing in tree planting initiatives when systemic change isn’t yet possible

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