The Collective

Transforming Our Businesses

As a collective of businesses we are all transforming the way we operate. We want to offer our customers a choice. Use an electric transfer, stay with a chalet company that serves a seasonal low air mile menu, rent skis from a small business using eco wax, purchase used ski gear from a shop stocking up-cycled clothing and use an instructor that plants a tree whilst you ski.

At the same time all of these small businesses will be off-setting their impact through tree planting. Choose these businesses and you’ll be helping us reforest the planet.

Join the Collective

All the business’ in the collective have taken the One Tree Green Pledge. If you would like to join then take the pledge.

“Feeling frustrated that as a consumer there are just not enough options, and that our businesses problems should not be placed on the individual, I decided to setup this collective. Businesses should shoulder the responsibility and by transforming our little part of the world, I’ve realised that is is possible to make a real impact.”

Gavin Fernie-Jones – Founder of “One Tree at a Time”

All the businesses in this collective have shown a real passion to change. We’ve each broken down what we do into smaller parts and that allows us to tackle the bigger issues. We then support each other, share our findings and help create greater results.

Want to Help Us?

Show your support by using the businesses involved, it is possible for you to use the companies involved in this collective with no extra costs, and at the same time we’ll plant 100’s of trees on your behalf.

And if you feel really passionate then why not join us on an event, donate to our tree planting initiative or share your own ideas?