People Don’t Understand the Impact of a Ski Holiday

At One Tree at a Time, we’re not about preaching, judging or chastising. We’re about communicating, educating and inspiring. 

Behind the scenes, the team is working hard to change the way businesses operate for the better. It’s these companies that are crucial in raising awareness and starting conversations with skiers visiting resorts.

For Alp Track’s Rob Watson a major part of his pledge is education. As a ski instructor, he has a unique opportunity to talk to skiers on the long chair lifts, over a sunny lunch, or during a warming hot chocolate.

“Opening conversations with clients depends on the client. From chatting in general with them you get a feeling if it is something they might be interested in. It’s really interesting talking to people.” explains Rob

While everybody is acutely aware of climate change and sustainability issues facing us in the coming decade, many people don’t always recognise the repercussions of their holidays. 

“They often don’t understand the impact a ski holiday may have and also the changes they could make. They may not see changes in their own environment, maybe the city, so it’s good to explain how it changes the mountains. It’s important to be open to peoples opinions too, even if they do not agree with yours.”

The mountains attract a wide assemblage of people from outdoors enthusiasts to luxury retreat seekers, all with very differing views on life.

“On the other hand, not everybody is receptive to the subject. I normally then chat to them about the changes I have seen in the mountains. Permafrost melting causing rockfalls etc, just to explain that these things are real.”

“I think I’ve learnt that everybody has their own opinion on the subject, but in general, they understand small changes can help.

Not everybody thinks the same as you regarding the climate, and I feel that I don’t want to lecture people, I just want to have a conversation, that’s a start in itself.”

Making alterations to work and life can seem intimidating at first or even a little helpless. Many people find that a new mindset on life with more conscious choices actually improves their world rather than restricting it.

For Rob personally, there’s been some hidden benefits of changing the way he operates his business. 

“I wanted to make a change to how I work professionally regarding my impact but didn’t know how or what to do. One Tree at a Time gave me a way to understand how I could make changes and implement them.

The biggest positive is that I’ve saved a fortune by catching the bus to work rather than driving.”

Rob Watson has signed up to the One Tree pledge that has seen him commit to reducing his environmental impact through travel, uniform choices and tree planting.

Rob is a ski instructor based in the Three Valleys. Throughout this winter he is offsetting some of his impact through tree planting. He does this by committing part of his wage from everyday he spends on the mountain. During December 2019 he planted more than 500 trees. So if you’d like to ski with Rob whilst he plants trees on your behalf then you can contact him at Alp Tracks.