The Clean Mountain Living podcast delves into the changes One Tree at a Time is instigating in the ski industry. We focus on conversations with the individuals that are helping bring about change and their roles. Throughout the conversations, we touch on various ways businesses and individuals can improve their environmental impact.

Episode 12

It’s easy to feel a little helpless when it comes to the environment or leave it up to governments to make big changes. Really and truly the environment belongs to everybody, that’s the message from Cécile of Montagne Verte in Morzine

Cécile Petuaud Burton from Montagne Verte joins Gavin to discuss what the organisation strive to achieve, how everybody benefits from getting involved, plus avoiding burnout when volunteering grows into a second career.

Episode 11

Solène Magnan from White Storm joins Gavin Fernie-Jones to discuss how easy it is to massively reduce a company’s impact on the world. 

White Storm managed to reduce vehicle usage by 21% this year saving €€€€ & CO2 in the process. 

We also take a closer look at the ski equipment industry and the changing pressures put on manufacturers. 

Of course, we wouldn’t be finished without a little bit of outdoor mountain chat plus Solène’s helpful tip on how to live your life with less environmental impact..

Episode 10

There’s enough clothing already on the planet to last 6 generations. 

Another insane but believable fact, and one that we can all use to our advantage. 

On this week’s podcast, we delve into the world of 2nd hand shopping and rental vs retail business models. Stephen Cousins from the Bluebird Snow Exchange joins us to discuss the growing marketplace for used ski equipment. Find out how many benefits there are to buying 2nd hand plus how business models are pivoting to increase product lifecycles and profits. 

Episode 9

Phew! The Clean Mountain Living podcast is back out of hibernation. As the mountains open up again for summer we talk to the One Tree at a Time team working hard behind the scenes. Andy Davies has been discovering a world of homeschooling and bug hotels. Gavin Fernie-Jones seems to spend most of his time herding chickens and Millie Charrington offers up some insight into the first One Tree Impact Report.

Episode 8

What’s it like to risk getting arrested for being involved with Extinction Rebellion? Duncan Walpole sits down with Millie Charrington to give his insight into the climate emergency. Listen in as he describes being at the heart of protests plus the changes and frustrations he has seen over 15 years running the renewables company enviroMental.

Episode 7

How do you communicate about climate change? Well, Millie Charrington is here to give you the best ways to get your message across and how to beat climate anxiety. We also jump into a tasty bath of homemade oat milk.

Episode 6

Whatever your skills and passions you can use them to add a little bit of good to the world. Graphic Designer, Courtney Flannagan, discusses how she got involved with One Tree and how she is using her skills to inspire change in the world. We take a dive into the world of graphic design, reusing materials around the house and how to redesign your life. 

Episode 5

What does a more sustainable world look like for the ski industry? It all starts with shifting from a linear economy to a circular economy. Eliot Prince joins Gav to discuss circular economies and how The Boot Lab is pioneering circular ski equipment. Plus find out about other innovative companies rethinking the lifecycle of products.

Episode 4

Andy visits Sian Maher from Ski Physio to discuss how you can take responsibility for positive changes. Sian tells us how she moved from small eco-friendly changes in her personal life to overhauling her business processes.

Episode 3

Claire from Fish & Pips joins Gav to explore how ski chalets can be run more sustainably. Plus we find out more about the One Tree pledge system that reduces the ski industry’s environmental impact and helps ski industry businesses tackle their environmental footprint.

Episode 2

Gav and Andy are back discussing the changes, that are there for everyone to see in the mountains. From glaciers melting to farming issues plus how Climb It for Climate is raising awareness for climate change.

Episode 1

In this episode One Tree Founder, Gavin Fernie-Jones, and Digital Platforms Manager, Andy Davies, kick things off by discussing the ‘anti eCommerce’ platform One Sleeve at a Time. They explain what it is and the awesome ski kit on offer, plus a little deep dive into waste in the ski industry.