Help us put an End to Millions of Single Use Plastic Bags

We need your help to put an end to the production of millions of single use plastic bags within the ski industry.

We work as boot-fitters at The Boot lab and are determined to reduce the packaging waste associated with our business. As a small independent business we’ve been able to remove over 6,000 plastic bags from our supply chain. The process has been incredibly simple we’ve just asked suppliers to remove plastic packaging and they’re responding.

Now we have bigger ideas. As a Collective of businesses we need your help to remove millions of single use plastic bags by changing the whole ski industry.

How can we do this?

Our plastic ski boots are delivered inside a plastic bag, inside a cardboard box.

We work hard as boot-fitters to ensure that when we’re fitting a ski boot, that product is usable for years to come and that we’re getting as much use as possible from the resource. We repair boots, adjust those bought elsewhere and ensure used boots don’t end in landfill.

The plastic bag that ski boots are delivered in are not necessary. In fact brands such as Scarpa already deliver their boots without these bags.

We’ve written a letter below to deliver to the manufacturers. Millions of ski boots are sold each year wrapped in plastic bags. To create these bags oil has to be extracted from the ground, carbon is used during the manufacture, and finally the bags are transported across the planet. At The Boot Lab we open the cardboard box, remove the plastic bag and throw them in the bin. This is huge drain on resources and completely unnecessary.

Want to help? Then simply add your signature to the letter below. And we’ll deliver this to the ski boot manufacturers.