Ali Watson

Director of One Tree & Passionate about Nature, Zero Waste and Punk!

‘Waste not, want not’ was my Grandma’s favourite saying and I’ve grown up with the values of recycle, re-use, re-purpose, zero waste, etc long before there were phrases for them! It’s just what we all did.


In my working life I’ve been lucky enough to work in large corporations when resource saving initiatives were first being implemented. The drivers were often share holder returns and sometimes limited natural resources but whatever the reason, we had to look at devising alternatives at every stage of a product’s life cycle. It really demanded a change in mindset, questioning established methods and coming up with allsorts of ideas to turn into efficiency gains in processes and use of resources. But the change in mindset stayed and now I’m really good at asking why we do it like that?!!


From a reporting perspective, my professional body was leading the way in sustainable reporting long before sustainability was a household name. When most organisations were concerned with maximising profits I found I was proud to be a member of a body promoting reporting on ethical and environmental factors too.


My role at One Tree is more in the background than the others. I’m passionate about nature, over-consumerism and punk!


And I like trees 🙂