Andy Davies

Developing One Tree’s Digital Infrastructure

I arrived in Meribel ten years ago with my wife and Benny, our greyhound (AKA the least mountain adapted dog in the history of the Alps).  After five years living in Leeds and working in the financial sector, we wanted to make a change and do something different. The “different” thing was to buy a small chalet company and move to France.  

Eight summer and winter seasons later (the last three of which with our new team member/son Jake) we took the decision to make another change and sold the business  Our aim was to regain some family time and spend the time in mountains together, teaching Jake about living and playing in the beautiful alpine playground we are lucky enough to call home. 

Really it’s for Jake and his peers that I’m involved in One Tree. I come from a privileged generation that got to travel around the world without worrying about carbon footprints, plastic pollution on South East Asian beaches and who took ski holidays without worrying about glacial retreat. If we can get One Tree to change behaviours then we’ll be giving Jake and his buddies a chance for the future without those worries.     

So what do I do for One Tree? I’m in charge of One Tree’s digital infrastructure. This is a fancy term for the website, e-commerce activities and as the operations grow, finding solutions to our IT requirements. In the short term this means rebuilding the website to be more eco-friendly and ready for the operation to grow, developing our commercial operations online and helping our affiliates reduce the carbon footprint of their websites.  Longer term I want to help One Tree spread its roots and grow into a Giant Redwood of environmental awareness!  

Outside of One Tree you’ll find me in the mountains hiking or trail running (occasionally combining a run with a strategy meeting with Gav), on the slopes on a snowboard or skis or in the kitchen cooking good (increasingly plant based) grub for friends and family.