Dan Jones

Masters in Sustainable Environmental Management

Focused on removing plastic from products, the best way to eliminate plastic waste is at source through the use of natural products.

I have an undergraduate in Environmental Management Bsc at Manchester university and a Masters in Sustainable Environmental management from Plymouth University.

Following this I lived in New Zealand and worked for the Department of Conservation, for the Queenstown council, on waste management projects.

On returning to Europe I’ve been mainly based in the French Alps but I’ve been extremely busy setting up two businesses that are tackling plastic waste. Now the director of Bristle and 4 Earth I’ve focused on reducing the amount of plastic in our homes, in both the kitchen and bathroom.

Bristle – “We started Bristle to try to reduce the obscene amount of plastic wasted as a result of our dental care habits in the UK. We deal with toothcare products, it’s what we’re good at. But we’re also into other ways to reduce plastic wastage.”

4 Earth – “At 4 Earth we believe that small daily changes to our everyday lives can have a huge long-term impact on the environment, this is why we designed the Switch Kit. Our 4Earth Switch kits makes switching out your current plastic kitchen products really easy and affordable. We are proud to say that none of our 4Earth products contain any plastic. Our kitchen switch kits use eco friendly sustainable materials that are all biodegradable. Our dish brushes are made from Bamboo and Sisal, our scouring pad from coconut husk and they all come in a reusable hessian bag.”