Fish & Pips

Reduce, Educate & Plant

Snow-capped mountains are one of nature’s wonders. As a chalet company we rely so heavily on our natural environment yet we are guilty of being part of the travel industry which has a large impact on it. We want to lead the way in making a difference to how businesses are run, reduce our negative impact on the environment, educate others on how they can also make changes, and of course plant more trees. We feel really passionate about this pledge personally and it’s time to lead by example. We plan to reduce waste (by disclosing & measuring food waste), reduce our overall consumption & be more mindful of our individual consumption (specifically plastic), monitor our energy use, source ingredients responsibly, locally and seasonally. Cut out palm oil. Encourage train travel. Train staff on the pledge & raise awareness of the pledge via guest & supplier communication. Publicly inform the wider community about how we are progressing. Encourage everyone to plant more trees & educate people as to why this is important.

What is the most positive environmental impact that you have made?

The biggest thing is deciding to make a change. We are committed to building a realistic tried & tested template for other companies to follow. We want to make it easier for all businesses to change habits so that we can all work together to make a wider impact.

Which individual pledge are you focused on delivering in the future?

Reducing food waste. We have always been conscious about keeping food waste to a minimum but we want to take that to the next level this season. We are going to be asking our chalet teams to be splitting out their food waste and weighing & logging it on a weekly basis. We will then explore ways of how to reduce their waste and track it throughout the winter. The chalet that reduces the waste the most (amongst other challenges) will be awarded our environmental champion of the season!

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