Gaia Arena

Communicating with local authorities and the local community

Masters degree in languages and literatures

I moved to the French Alps with a very young family (my first daughter was only one month old) and eventually we decided to stay: we didn’t expect it, but we not only fell in love with the mountains, but also found a closed-knit community of like-minded people who were also funny, passionate and supportive. Becoming a mother has been an incredible adventure and has projected me towards the future, not only my own, but that of my daughters as well. I firmly believe it’s our responsibility to act now, which explains my involvement not only with One Tree at a Time but with the Mouvement Colibris as well.

I’ve loved travelling and meeting new people all my life. Learning and speaking languages, verbal and non-verbal communications are some of my passions, together with anything creative like sewing, painting, transforming and reusing. I’ve worked as a university professor in the States, alpaca judge in the UK, latin teacher in France and festival organiser in Italy, and all of those competences are coming together to shape my work as part of the One Tree at a Time team.

I am in charge of communicating with local authorities and most importantly, trying to involve all the residents, no matter what language they speak! We’ve got big plans for our “Fix It” event and it will be a pleasure to add my input to that side of the organisation as well.