Gavin Fernie-Jones

Founder of One Tree at a Time & Owner of The Boot Lab

I’m part owner of The Boot Lab and as a company we regularly question ourselves and whether we’re too small to really have an impact? Our business model works. Products arrive from the big suppliers and we sell them to the customer. Through training and a passion for skiing, we’re able to supply an excellent product. We’ve got a stellar team of boot-fitters who get as much joy from making a boot fit well as they do from skiing itself.

We could easily continue as we are and rest on our laurels. But as a small business we’re beginning to realise that we can actually make changes that will lead to big differences and to make this happen we need to take the lead.

So by making several adjustments to the way our business operates we are able to make lots of small gains resulting in bigger transformations. This has really come to the forefront in our minds this winter and we’ve realised that we really can make a difference.

So having made these changes to our business I decided to start a collective of businesses across the Alps so that we’d have a far bigger impact.

And fully committed to planting a million trees through this collective.