Le Gin du Mont Blanc

No plastic. Solar powered and made using recycled materials

Why am I making gin in a donkey shed at St Gervais, on the side of Mont Blanc?

I know, it sounds daft. But this place saved me. I’d been through a tough time, and I came to St Gervais to decide what to do next, among the peace of the mountains. The people here took me in, and made me part of their community. They also noticed that when I turned up at a party, I always brought whisky – not wine. (What can I say? I’m a Scot.) ‘You should make your own,’ they said, and that got me thinking. I’d always dreamed of my own distillery. Here was my chance.

Even more importantly for me, this was a chance to prove that you can make things without ruining the Earth. No plastic. Solar power. And recycled materials

A couple of years, a lot of hard work, and my life savings later – here we are. Producing top-notch gin at Europe’s highest distillery: a hillside donkey shed owned by my new dear friends, the Tuaz family.

Of course, the gin is fantastic: as crisp and pure as Mont Blanc air. But what really thrills me is that we’re doing what we said we’d do: making a wonderful product that’s also environmentally responsible. I couldn’t be more proud.

James Abbott – Founder