Mark Birch – Instructor

To raise awareness of the impact we can make through changing habits

I have lived and worked in the French Alps for 20 winter seasons. It’s ever more important to me to help to raise awareness and help people understand how small changes to the way they go about their day to day lives makes a positive impact to reducing their personal impact. We rely on the environment we live in to make a living, we bring up our children here, we must take responsibility for the care and upkeep of our mountain playground. I pledge to do the same, but aim to get better and better at doing it year after year.

What is the most positive environmental impact that you have made?

Throughout last winter I made a conscious effort to reduce my car journeys too and from work. Moving forward I have identified ways to utilise the existing resort infrastructure to reduce further my personal car usage. Lift sharing with my neighbours and making better use of the new and improved lift systems will allow me to improve the way I move around resort to reduce my impact. Whilst it’s not always possible to not use the car, I always make sure that my car is as well maintained as it can be, put simply, ensuring that your tires are correctly inflated, removing unnecessary “stuff” from the inside of your car and clearing the snow from the roof before your journey, are just some of the ways you can help to travel more efficiently.

Which individual pledge are you focused on delivering in the future?

It’s tough as a ski instructor to have just one focus with an ability to make a significant impact. I will focus on streamlining my transport methods, re-purposing my ethically sourced and produced uniform, and using chemical free ski wax products.