Snowboard Ambassador

Sustainable Snowboarding Ambassador

Snowboarding gives us the opportunity to experience the world in a unique and gratifying way. It’s a sport that shapes our entire lifestyle on and off the mountain.

To have a lifestyle based in and around the mountains brings with it a responsibility to protect its longevity.

For snowboarding to remain progressive we need to make positive choices surrounding the industry. This will allow us to continue providing services and experiences. Through the simple act of planting a tree and discussing our options we can start to move forward, collectively, to a sustainable future.

What is the most positive environmental impact that you have made?

Actively cutting my carbon footprint by using public transport or renewable options.

Which individual pledge are you focused on delivering in the future?

Through sharing experiences in the natural terrain and discussing my decisions I hope I can demonstrate that by making small efforts and working in a collective we can help bring about monumental change.