Ski Physio and Massage

Plant trees and reduce carbon footprint

At Ski Physio and Massage we help people who are injured or in pain, by helping them back to being fit and functioning. We want the planet to stay fit and functioning as well! We want to keep helping people, of course, by doing our job but we realise by doing this we are increasing our carbon footprint. We, therefore, are taking this pledge to look at all aspects of our business and make as many changes as we can. We can’t promise to be perfect but where we can’t make a significant change we will offset our impact by planting trees.

What are the most positive environmental impacts that you have made?

We’ve have been looking at all our purchases for the business and talking to all our suppliers about reducing plastic or using only recyclable plastic. We are using FSC paper for all promotional material, have changed all our cleaning and laundry products to bio versions. We have switched all our computer search engines to Ecosia to make sure we’re planting trees whilst working.

Which individual pledge are you focused on delivering in the future?

We have literally just started the process of talking to suppliers and so far these conversations have led to all our promotional material being printed on FSC paper (‘FSC’ stands for Forest Stewardship Council, an organisation that works to promote the practice of sustainable forestry worldwide). It was a simple process and we’ve found that just speaking to our suppliers helps bring change.

Our massage oil bottles can not be metal or glass for safety and transporting reasons but they will all be made from PET plastics and using a high % of recycled content (PET plastics = good recyclability and no leaching into the soil, a low transportation weight and requires a very low heat to recycle the material).

We have decided to plant 5 trees per massage we do this season to offset some of what we can’t change.

Little steps so far, but we hope lots of little steps will result in a big leap!

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