Vanoise Prestige

Trees planted for every kilometer driven!

Vanoise Prestige is a small, independent, alpine transfer service which operates in and around the ski resorts of the three valleys. Driving for a living certainly isn’t green. With that in mind, we are 100% committed to adapting the way we do business, in order to protect the winters we depend on.

Until now, we’ve taken small steps, such as:
-going paperless where possible
-providing complimentary bottled water in reusable glass bottles
-lending our clients reusable coffee cups to prevent them from using single-use products en route to their destination.
-Using Start-Stop technology onboard (where appropriate) to reduce emissions and economise on fuel.
-Using biodegradable windscreen washer fluid and cleaning products (inside the vehicle) at all times.

What is the most positive environmental impact that you have made?

We have prevented hundreds of plastic bottles and single-use coffee cups from entering landfill due to the reusable materials we carry onboard.

Which individual pledge are you focused on delivering in the future?

​We’re going to tackle our carbon emissions by planting trees for every journey we make. As an estimate, we produce over thirty tons of carbon dioxide every winter! Going forward, this means we must plant enough trees to keep up with every kilometer on the clock while also counteracting the transfers we’ve already done.​

Click here for the full pledge in detail