Our Pledge

To make it easier to understand we’ve colour coded each pledge so you can see how we’re doing. If the pledge is in green it means we have succeeded in implementing the commitment. If it is in amber it means we are part way to reaching our goal, and if it is in red we’ve yet to start on that pledge and it’s an area we’ll be focusing on soon

Greenhouse Gas Reduction

To reduce energy use in store

Staff to travel to work in resort using the bus service

Staff to travel to resort using the train

To substantially reduce company vehicles mileage

Change electricity to a green supplier

100% LED lighting in-store

Increase thermal efficiency of building

Carbon neutral heating/renewable energy on site

Green Servers – change website servers to a green supplier

Plastic and Waste Reduction

Eliminate single use plastic – lobby suppliers to change packaging

Reduce Plastic at source – change retail products to ones that use natural material

Reduce Waste

Recycling – provide recycling facilities for staff and customers

Repairing – offer customers the facility to repair equipment

Reuse – Encourage the reuse of materials

Work with a brand to create a circular distribution line

Sustainability and Education

Staff Uniform – carbon neutral/bio-cotton/ethical

Staff Training – A staff training day on best practice

Environmental policy – detailed environmental policy on website

Customer Education – in store and on website

Carbon Offsetting – Plant 100,000 Trees

Current position – 32 points out of a possible 45

Achieved 71% – One Tree – Green Pledge – Gold award