The Boot Lab Pledge

Continue reading below for more details on how we’ve reached our goals and how we’re striving to reach the others.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction

To reduce energy use

We’ve fitted an energy monitor in store to help us understand our where we might be wasting energy unnecessarily so we can change our habits. This has lead to us making sure everything is switched off at night time in the store.

Staff to travel to and from work using the bus

We’re very lucky to have an excellent free bus service in resort and we encourage staff to use this service.

A passenger car carrying one person emits 40kg of CO2 per 100 passenger miles, while a full bus emits only 6 kg. Over the season we estimate that as a team we travel 6,500 miles to get to and from work. If we were all to travel in individual cars we would emit a total of 2,600kg of CO2. Last winter we made at least 3,000 miles worth of trips using the local bus service, saving an estimated 1,200kg of CO2 emissions.

So why don’t we all catch the bus? The rest of the milage comes from the transportation of stock, for us to function as a business it is necessary for us to transport stock between the stores. This coming winter we are going to focus on putting systems in place to reduce this mileage further.

Staff to travel to resort using the train

New for this coming winter we’re encouraging our staff to travel to resort by train via subsidising their train travel.

Why is this Important? This is the area where we could all make a huge reduction in our CO2 footprint. It is one of the largest contributors to CO2 emissions from a ski holiday.

To travel from London to Courchevel you can either fly from London to Geneva and get a vehicle transfer to the mountain. Or you could travel by train from London to Moutiers and then take a shorter transfer to the mountain.

By taking the train for this journey you greatly reduce your carbon footprint. We have used a Eco Passenger to estimate the carbon footprint of both these journeys.

The Stats – When taking the train from London to Moutiers each passenger produces 19.8kg of CO2, where as for a flight to Geneva each passenger produces 134kg of CO2. So you could travel to the Alps by train roughly 6 times and emit the same emissions as one flight.

This is not the complete story though as most people get a vehicle transfer to resort, if you’re taking a private transfer from Geneva your journey will emit roughly 13.2kg of CO2. If you take a private transfer from Moutiers you’ll generate roughly 3.37kg of CO2.

So a flight and private transfer generates 147.2kg of CO2 and the train and flight generates 23.17kg of CO2.

What is the Outcome – By far the most eco friendly way for our staff to get to resort is for them to take the train to Moutiers followed by a bus transfer into resort. So for this winter we’ll be subsidising this travel route.

On top of this we’ve calculated the CO2 emissions of all our staff journeys to resort and offset them by planting trees. We believe it is more important to firstly change our habits so that we create less CO2 and then secondly to offset the emissions.

To substantially reduce company vehicles mileage

Our vehicle mileage comes from transporting stock, we’re committed to making a reduction by ensuring the correct systems are in place. We plan to half our milage this winter.

Change electricity to a green supplier

This is currently a project we’re working through, this is a very complicated area to fully assess and come up with an answer due to a lack of information. France produces roughly 98% of its electricity through low carbon processes and here in the alps we are blessed with an abundance of hydro electricity.

The electricity map is a fantastic tool for live electricity supply information for each individual country. It provides an up to date map detailing all the current electric energy sources by country.

We’re currently trying to assess whether our current electricity supply is in fact renewable. If this is not the case we’ll switch to a new provider.

100% LED lighting in-store

We have changed over the lighting in store to LED bulbs, these use at least 75% less energy, and last 25 times longer, than incandescent lighting.

Increase thermal efficiency of building

Carbon neutral heating/renewable energy on site

Green Servers – change website servers to a green supplier