The Chalet Company Pledge

Our pledge system has been created to help businesses identify the areas of their operation that would benefit from systemic change with sustainable objectives in mind. 

This isn’t greenwashing, this is a commitment to better practice and accountability in business.

It’s important that every member of the collective is truly dedicated to bringing about change; successful delivery relies on engagement in a number of categories and we are asking each business to really reflect on what sustainability really means to them. Over the course of a season, we’ll be monitoring each company in their progress, and assisting them with their environmental objectives.

The chalet company pledge is an extensive review in a number of fields; to understand the pledge and what it entails we’ll be exploring some of Fish & Pips’ commitments in each category.




Measure & Disclose

The first step in our analysis is to monitor energy, emissions, waste and water. As about a third of food produced today never reaches the table, Fish & Pips have pledged to measure food waste week on week. They’ll be weighing this alongside recycled and general waste from each chalet, with the aim of reducing it throughout the season. Chalet staff will principally be in charge of this, thereby creating awareness and a more mindful attitude of the waste created as each week goes by. 


The outcome of measuring each field, mentioned above, is to ultimately reduce each company’s impact; this might include reducing vehicle usage or switching to low energy light bulbs. Fish & Pips have surprised us with the level of commitment they’re willing to undertake in reducing their environmental impact.

One of the big areas they’re focusing on is reducing the amount of meat in their menus. Emissions from livestock and farming practices have a profound effect on our environment, so Fish & Pips have pledged to offer their guests a menu that features less meat and more seasonal produce in their food.


The measurement and subsequent reduction of emissions and waste relies on the cooperation of staff in order to effect change across the board. 80% of Fish & Pips’ staff have said the company’s environmental objectives are the number one reason they wanted to work for them. With this in mind, Fish & Pips have pledged to implement a ‘Staff Environmental Champion’ scheme, announcing a winner at the end of the winter. By incentivising staff to participate in their sustainable objectives, Fish & Pips have an even greater opportunity to reduce their impact.



We want every business in the collective to be thinking about their overall impact, from looking at supply chains to the products they use day to day. We asked Fish & Pips to remove cleaning products that contain large amounts of chemicals, and they have pledged to use natural products, such as vinegar for cleaning, or toiletries delivered in refillable bottles.


There are elements of any business that will be difficult to change immediately, and in these instances we ask for investment in offsetting programmes.  One Tree at a Time in involved with a number of tree planting initiatives, and Fish & Pips have pledged to offset their chalets’ electricity usage throughout the season by planting 10,000+ trees.

Our goal is to get businesses to think about their environmental impact holistically, making comprehensive changes to the way they operate to secure a better future for the natural environments we love.

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