Chalet Company Green Pledge

Greenhouse Gas Reduction


  • Facilitate and promote Train travel for clients
  • Train travel for all staff to resort
  • Reduce in-resort vehicle use
  • Electric company vehicles
  • Carbon offset client travel


  • Meat reduction: Serve less and better meat
  • Dairy reduction
  • Prioritise sourcing food Sustainably: Local, Seasonal, ethically produced


  • Do not use chalets that heat via solid fuel.
  • Use Green Energy Supplier
  • Reduce energy use
  • Use Green Server for company web hosting

Plastic and Waste Reduction

  • Zero tolerance of plastic bottles
  • Eliminate all single use plastic
  • Recycle everything that is recyclable
  • Recycle all cooking oil
  • Purchase less packaging
  • Reduce food waste
  • Compost food waste
  • Measure and monitor your waste production.
  • Measure and monitor your recycling
  • Use purchasing power to reduce packaging at source.
  • Reduce packaging through buying in bulk

Sustainability & Education 

  • Staff environmental training
  • Staff environmental champion
  • Display environmental “One Tree” green pledge on your website


  • Monitor water use
  • Develop a strategy to reduce water use
  • Implement water saving measures (flow restrictors, reduced WC flush volumes etc)
  • Maintain water systems. Fix all leaks
  • Preserve water quality 
  • Ban harmful chemicals from all drains


  • Monitor energy use
  • Develop a strategy to reduce energy use
  • Instal smart meters in all chalets and provide in-chalet displays.
  • Implement a heating strategy that reflects use and does not overheat the chalet.
  • 100% LED lighting
  • Communal areas controlled by motion sensors
  • All appliances A++ energy rated.
  • Supply drying racks – Discourage Dryer usage