The Pledge

We’ve created the One Tree Green Pledge system to easily measure how ski industry businesses are reducing their environmental impact.

The system has been designed for chalet companies, ski instructors, outdoor brands and ski shops. Each pledge is thorough and sets the highest standard for the participating business, and every year we’ll re-evaluate their operation and continue to set harder targets.

We do this through a framework based on five key principles:

Measurement and disclosure

Helping businesses implement systems to measure waste, water, energy and emissions


Examining the areas where change is necessary and reducing resource usage


Inspiring others through the education of staff and customers on their environmental impact and climate strategy


Considering each business’s overall effect on the environment and making sustainable adjustments across the board


Investing in tree planting and renewable energy initiatives when systemic change isn’t possible

After completing the pledge each company will be working towards one of the following One Tree Awards over the course of a season, while we monitor their environmental progress and support them in their sustainable objectives.

One Tree Gold Pledge

For companies transforming all aspects of their business. These companies receive the gold award by completing over 80% of the pledges in their sector.

One Tree Silver Pledge

For companies that have made a strong commitment and are striving to make a real difference. These companies receive a silver award by completing 60-80% of the pledges in their sector.

One Tree Bronze Pledge

For companies that have started the process of changing their practices. These companies receive a bronze award by completing 40-60% of the pledges in their sector.

All the businesses that work under the “One Tree Green Pledge” system are committed to changing their practices and are dedicated to presenting honest and thorough assessments of these changes.