We’ve got several projects on the go, ranging from reforestation to the removal of millions of single use plastic bags.

These projects are funded by your passion and hard-work, to have an effect you can donate to our reforestation projects, volunteer your time or put your signature to our letters.


We’re planting a million trees. The businesses in this Collective are committed to the regeneration of our planet through carbon off-setting and fundraising.

Want to help?

All you need to do is use these businesses. Local ski instructor Rob Watson is determined not only to off-set the carbon he produces from his daily ski lift use, but to go one step further. For each ski lesson he plants a 100 trees in Africa, which leads to the planting of an entire forest, compiling of over a 1,000 trees. You can help Rob’s impact by further off-setting the carbon through our MyTree portal.

We’re planting with MyTree to plant here, in France, in the Rhône-Alpes region.

In the Rhône-Alpes, hedges and trees have gradually disappeared. The regrouping of agricultural plots and the mechanisation of agriculture in the 1960s to the 90s completely re-drew the agricultural landscape. While this allowed better operating conditions it also eliminated traditional landscapes, such as hedges, low walls and embankments.

These natural elements are essential to ecological balance. Farmers aware of this are anxious to develop sustainable agricultural practices by reintroducing trees in their fields and meadows.

At the same time, the project is also developing actions to preserve existing hedges and raise awareness of the sustainable management of the hedgerow, in order to give farmers the desire to better manage and maintain their farmland, providing both a dual economic and environmental objective.

The End of Millions of single use plastic bags

We work as boot-fitters and are determined to reduce the packaging waste associated with our business. As a small independent business we’ve been able to remove over 6,000 plastic bags from our supply chain. The process has been incredibly simple we’ve just asked suppliers to remove plastic packaging and they’re responding.

Now we have bigger ideas. As a Collective of businesses we need your help to remove a billion single use plastic bags a year from the ski industry.

Want to help? Then head over to our End of Millions page to add your signature.

Trees for Schools

Helen Tomlinson from Slide Candy runs our local tree nursery. She’s been collecting saplings from the local areas of land that are cut in the summer to make way for electric cables, meadows and paths. Then carefully nursing these into mature saplings before donating them to local school children to plant in the Valley.